We’re sailing the Cyclades right now…and they’re spectacular!

The Spectacular Cyclades

The Cyclades are Greece’s most well-known chain of islands for good reason. They’re the ones with quintessential white cube architecture and breathtaking shorelines. This is also where you’ll find the wildly popular islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

What you might not know is that in between those well-known destinations are islands that are just as spectacular and not nearly as touristed. They’re literally off the beaten path. Most people on ferries and planes to Mykonos and Santorini skip over these places, which is all the better for sailors. The very best way to see them is by sailboat.

You can see the sheer number of people who come to Mykonos’s Little Venice on any given day during the season, and for good reason, to dine in Little Italy and watch the sunset beneath the island’s iconic windmills.

Alex’s Cyclades Adventures

Captain Alex is SY NISI’s Skipper (and NISI Sailing’s co-owner). It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Sailing single handed

Alex set out on his Cyclades adventure on June 2nd, and so far has sailed to twelve islands in two and a half weeks.

Watch: NISI Sails The Cyclades, and they’re spectacular!

Watch our video to catch a glimpse of this amazing part of the world.

Here’s a map of the islands where he and NISI have been on this trip. It was taken from Navionics, NISI’s navigation software. For reference, Mykonos is #9Aegina and Poros are actually part of the Saronic Gulf. They were Alex’s jumping-off points.

In case you missed all the names of the islands in the video, here they are, keyed to the map and hyperlinked so you can find more information about them: 1. Poros, 2. Serifos, 3. Sifnos, 4. Ios, 5. Schoinousa, 6. Naxos, 7. Paros, 8. Tinos, 9. Mykonos, 10. Syros, 11. Kythnos (where the boat was when Alex took the screen grab of the trip, hence the red arrow), and 12. Kea.

Today Alex and the crew will head to Cape Sounion to anchor beneath the Temple of Poseidon (#13 on our map above), and then sail back to Aegina.

Thanks for coming along on this journey through the Cyclades with Alex.

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