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Discover Mykonos, Sail the Greek Cyclades Islands

We’ll sail the Greek Islands, dine, and swim our way from Aegina Island to Mykonos. Starting in the beautiful Island of Aegina, we’ll spend a few hours each day sailing to a different island in the Cyclades. We’ll swim in quiet bays, disembark on a different island each afternoon to explore ancient ruins, taste local wine and cuisine, and immerse ourselves in the natural beauty and culture that has drawn travelers to Greece for centuries. See ‘Itinerary’ below for more details.

The Cyclades Islands are famous for their sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful towns of white and blue houses.

Mykonos church and crew

We’ll begin our journey in Aegina Town on Aegina Island. Aegina Town is lively and charming with historic buildings and ancient ruins. It is also the closest island to Athens International Airport. Upon booking, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions for getting to the boat. We’ll help make your transit simple and easy.

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Our ‘Discover Mykonos’ Tours are available May, June, September, and October. During July and August the strong ‘Meltemi’ winds can make sailing to Mykonos challenging and unpleasant. During those months we sail in the Saronic Gulf. Click HERE to see our ‘Discover The Saronic Gulf’ tour.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Start in Aegina Port / Finish in Mykonos
ARRIVAL TIME Arrive after 4 PM Sunday. We’ll set sail Monday morning.
DISEMBARKATION TIME Approximately 4 PM Friday
WEAR Comfortable clothing, non-marking shoes, hat, jacket and sunscreen
12% VAT
Professional Skipper and Coaching
Breakfast, lunch, snacks while on board NISI
Safety equipment, linens and towels
Accommodation on board Sunday through Thursday nights
Cleaning at the end of the week
Diesel, outboard petrol and port fees
Dinners, beverages, desserts
Travel to and from Aegina Island
Travel to and from and admission to attractions, cost of activities on shore

*Please do not bring sunscreen that includes the ingredient avobenzone, which stains fiberglass, vinyl and linens.


5 Islands map tour


The itinerary for our ‘Discover Mykonos’ Sailing Tour will be flexible. We’ll accommodate your preferences and needs, make the best of the winds and weather, and ensure the safety of the group.


Day One: Aegina

Arrive in the Port of Aegina and get settled aboard NISI. At 6:30PM we’ll go to a local eatery to discuss the week’s program, weather, and route over local food and wine. We’ll return to NISI for a good night’s sleep.

Aphaea temple


Day Two: Cape Sounion and Kea

After breakfast our sailing adventure will begin! We’ll sail to Cape Sounion hike to visit the Temple of Poseidon imposing itself on the top a cliff with a dramatic view of the Sea. After lunch we will continue to the Island of Kea to dine al fresco next to the Sea in a local estiatório (“restaurant”). Spend the night on NISI.

Sunion at night


Day Three: Kythnos

From Kea we’ll sail  further South to Kythnos Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades. We’ll anchor for lunch and a swim at the sandy beaches of Fikiadha or visit Katafiki, one of the largest caves in Greece, with its impressive stalactites and stalagmites. That evening we’ll dine ashore on locally-sourced cuisine, and sleep aboard NISI.


Day Four: Syros

Just a short sail away, we’ll arrive at our next destination – Syros. The town of Hermopulis is the lively capital of the Cyclades, a must-see with majestic 19th-Century buildings and regal marble streets. We’ll explore, taste fine cuisine, watch the sunset, and then spend the night aboard NISI.

Syros town


Day Five: Mikonos

We will finally sail to Mykonos, not far from Syros. We’ll arrive in the afternoon when it will be time to disembark from NISI. You’re off to discover this legendary island with upscale dining, wine, windmills, shopping, the historic city and sea views. We’ll say our goodbyes as you continue your holidays in Greece!


Interested on gaining RYA certification? Ask about our certification program.


map to Mykonos
Mykonos harbour
Dinner onboard
Full moon at Sunion
Mykonos church
First Mykonos crew
Crew at table
Naxos gate

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
February 28, 2018

We went on a two week sailing adventure with Alex & Natalie and it was amazing! Of all the trips I have taken to Europe this by far the best. Traveling by sailboat from Greek Isle to Greek Isle is the way to go. Watching the sun rise from the water after a night of sailing will be one of the most memorable moments of my life ! Thank you Alex and Natalie !

August 18, 2018


A great sailing week with Alex who made us feel comfortable in all situations.

A great sailing week with Alex who made us feel comfortable in all situations. Alex was superb at teaching my family and helped pass my day Skipper. He creates a enjoyable and fun environment to learn in and there is never a dull moment on NISI. I would defenitley recommend this to anyone looking for a fun way to explore Greece.

August 18, 2018


Alex is a constant laugh from sunrise through to sundown always making you have a little giggle through out the day

I’ve been sailing with Alex for 4 years and have been working up to day skipper. Alex is a great instructor who teaches well and makes it fun to learn aboard NISI with him. He is a constant laugh from sunrise through to sundown always making you have a little giggle through out the day. Definitely worth a holiday in Greece.

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