A Sail Through The Saronic Gulf Greek Islands

Dingy sailing

In July we welcomed two new crew members for the week. Rachel and Dylan, a couple from Seattle, WA, traveled to Greece to snorkel, hike, and to learn to sail in one of the most beautiful places in the world. They visited the Cyclades Island of Milos before joining us, and then we all set out for a five day adventure in the Saronic Gulf Greek Islands.

Watch The Week’s Highlights Reel


Our favorite stop was Vathi, a tranquil little port nestled in a forested valley on the NW side of the Methana Peninsula. The word “Vathi” means “deep inside.”

The owner of the local taverna agreed to arrange for a taxi to take us to Methana’s volcano at 8AM the following morning. So we nibbled on fried aubergines and practiced the parts of the sailboat, then went back to NISI for a good night’s sleep.

Volcano Trek

The next morning we woke up early and rode to the entrance of the trail to hike to the top of the volcano. We ascended the switchbacks, and a vast seascape popped out from behind a craggy peak. A cave to our left and a lava field to our right that flowed into the sea; this is one of those places that belongs to another world. As we descended the peak, the red earth crunched beneath our sneakers. It felt like we were on Mars.

On the trek back down the mountain, we ran into a herd of goats and their keeper, who had been out gathering herbs from the mountainside – a bonus treat for all the effort!

We met a herd of goats on the way down the mountain after hiking Methana’s Volcano!

Sunken City Snorkel

After a morning full of nature and exercise, we were ready to jump in the clear, blue water! We headed for Epidavros, but stopped in a nearby cove for lunch and a swim. Captain Alex challenged the crew to find the remains of a Sunken City. So off we went! About an hour in, we hadn’t found a city, but we did find a sea turtle! Alex came out in the dinghy to give us a hint, we went right when we should have gone left. So we snorkeled some more and finally found the amazing underwater archeological site.

Cruising Chute Surprise

At the end of our week with Rachel and Dylan, we were lucky enough to loose the wind. “Lucky?” you ask, “I thought sailors liked the wind.” We do, but we also love our big, beautiful cruising chutes! This was the perfect day to raise the chute and get out in the dinghy to make a video to share.

Thanks to Rachel and Dylan for bringing us Kenyan coffee beans and a grinder for NISI – we love our Seattle friends!

If you think this sounds like your kind of adventure, there’s still time to book in 2018. Click the button below to see September and October dates!




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