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Do you dream of getting away to the Greek Islands, learning to sail a Yacht, snorkeling and paddle boarding in clear turquoise water, hiking to ancient ruins or a volcano, and indulging in Greek cuisine and local wine?

Learn to Sail in Greece

Sailing course



You’ll experience Greece’s culture, cuisine, history, and nature by sea and also by land. 

Home of an ancient civilization, the birth of democracy and the Olympic Games, there is so much to explore and discover sailing in Greece.


Join NISI’s crew for a five-day sailing adventure in the Greek Islands, take the helm, learn to sail or practice the ropes, feel the power of the wind. Whether you already have some experience, or are a complete beginner, with NISI Sailing you can learn to sail in the Mediterranean while enjoying all the sun, culture and great food that the Greek Islands have to offer.




Anyone can take a ferry or a flight. Why not have an adventure to remember instead? Come aboard Sailing Yacht, NISI, and learn to sail in the Greek Islands. You will learn to use the wind to sail and the charts to navigate. Learn the basics if you are new to sailing, or improve your skippering skills if you already have some sailing experience.


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Discover the Saronic Gulf

Learn to Sail in Greece

A six-day sailing adventure around the Saronic Gulf while learning to sail in the Greek Islands.

We’ll begin and end our journey on Aegina Island. Aegina Town is lively and charming. It’s also the closest island to Athens International Airport. Experience Greece’s culture, cuisine, history, and nature by land. You’ll also be an active part of the crew. Captain Alex will coach as much or as little as you need.

Mykonos map

Discover Mykonos

Learn to Sail the Cyclades

We’ll sail the GreekIislands, dine, and swim our way from Aegina Island to Mykonos during this six-day sailing tour. Starting in the beautiful Island of Aegina, we’ll spend a few hours each day sailing to a different island in the Cyclades.

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Inside Our Yacht NISI

Our sailing yacht ‘NISI’ is a beautiful and comfortable 39′ Elan Impression with the latest systems and safety equipment. 

Who We Are

Your Skipper

Alex Fajardo is an Offshore Yachtmaster Instructor. He is certified by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and American Sailing Association (ASA). Alex is a native of Barcelona, Spain, and speaks fluent English. He has ten years experience teaching sailing all over the world and a special knack for having fun while keeping everyone safe. 

Alex Fajardo
Co-Owner / Skipper

Your Skipper

Natalie Mathis is an American and an RYA-certified Day Skipper. She began sailing in the Aegean Sea in 2015 and has logged 2600 nautical miles since then, sailing from Venice, Italy, the coast of Croatia, the Ionian, Saronic, and Cyclades Islands in Greece.  

Natalie Mathis

Co-Owner / Skipper

What Is It Like
To Sail in Greece?

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'Will I Like Sailing in Greece?' 

and information about our sailing trips.


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