Our Sail To Mykonos

Sail To Mykonos with NISI Sailing

Our American friends, Beau and Mitchell, joined our crew in late May for our exploratory voyage from Aegina to Mykonos. After a flight with unexpected delays and a couple of ‘eventful’ days in Athens, they were tired and it was boiling hot. We got them to the boat. Then we set out to for dinner, literally on the beach, with our feet in the sand and waves lapping the shore. By night’s end, they were ready for a good rest aboard NISI.

First Mykonos crew
Beau and Mitchell from America

The following morning, we were all up early and ready for captain Alex to plan our 5-day passage to Mykonos. The forecast for the week was quite windy – Force 5 for a few days. Force 5 winds on the Beaufort Scale typically make the seas choppy, and we were sailing with guests who’d never been sailing – all good things to consider. Captain Alex determined that the crew could handle it safely, so with provisions stocked, we went looking for adventure!

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Our route from Aegina to Mykonos

DAY 1: Cape Sounion

We shoved off from Aegina and the wind was ‘just right.’ We sailed in Force 3 and 4 winds on a Close Reach most of the day – just challenging enough for Beau and Mitchell to get their sea legs. In the late afternoon, we dropped our anchor in the quiet bay beneath Poseidon’s Temple.

In the evening, we uncorked a bottle of Italian wine, lifted our glasses to Poseidon, and enjoyed dinner and conversation under the stars. The Temple on the cliff lit up at dusk and the full moon rose above it. Feeling full and grateful to Poseidon for a day filled with gifts, we all went off to sleep.

Dinner onboard
Full moon at Sunion
Dinner under Poseidon’s temple and a full moon

DAY 2: Kythnos

The next day we set out for Kythnos. With stronger winds, rising to F5 and F6 at times, the seas were rolling, we were heeling, and we had a long way to go.

Sailing in good winds

Then came the moment of truth. It was time to find out who does and who doesn’t have sea sickness. Alex never does. Beau was having the time of his life. Like a kid on a carnival ride, he laughed every time a big wave crashed over the bow. The rest of us wrestled with our own personal sea demons. We all persevered, though, and declared unequivocally that tomorrow we would be sure to take our Dramamine!

We were all getting soaked by huge crashing waves. Drenched and soggy, we just kept sailing and laughing, some of us greener in the face than the others. At around 3PM we got in to a little port on Kythnos Island, where we had a hard-earned dinner in a seafront taverna.

DAY 3: Exploring Kythnos By Land

On Day Three, we decided to stay in Kythnos to give our bodies a rest and to explore the island. Our mission – relax in Kythnos’s famous thermal spring that flows into the sea.

Natural Springs
Natalie sampling the HOT spring in Kythnos

That night we had dinner in the cockpit of the boat, while watching the full moon rise above a mountain peak. Ice cream-stuffed Baklava was from the local bakery on the menu – mmmmm, sweet, sticky, flaky desserts.

DAY 4: Syros

Onward! Some of us loaded up on Dramamine, and we were ready to go. It was pretty windy again. We had lunch on the go, and arrived early. The harbor welcomed us with what felt like the best showers we’ve ever had.

Milos square
Milos square, made of Marble!

On our wanders through the town’s marble streets, we visited the main square. Yes, the streets really are made of marble! It was a polished town simmering with sophisticated food, boutiques, and art.

We searched the winding back streets for the Island’s Kyveli Art Institute. We found a door with an elegant “hand” knocker at the address. There was no answer, but voices were coming from the window above. Alex called to the voices to ask for directions. A lovely and eccentric woman named Valentine let us in and gave us a full tour! Valentine told us that the Institute was closed until July, but she cheerily gave us a private tour anyway. Lucky us!

DAY 5: Mykonos

Still drunk with love for the cosmopolitan island of Syros, we headed out for Mykonos. Four hours, and a few tablets of Dramamine later, we arrived at the port. We gave Beau and Mitchell a hug and they hopped off the boat to make their way to their hotel for the night.

NISI at anchor
NISI at anchor in Platys Gialos, just South of Mykonos town

The port was full, so we made our way to the first bay at the South end of the island to find gusting winds, crowds of boats, and worst of all, loud techno music coming from the beach. We set off for the next bay, Plytos Gialos, and it was juuuuuuust right.

Plytos Gialos was quiet, and there were hotels and restaurants that we could see. We dropped an anchor there, took the dinghy in and found plenty of food, a mini-market, car and moto rental, and best of all, a luxury spa!

mykonos church
Mykonos and its famous Panagia Paraportiani church

And Then…

We met up with Beau and Mitchell for brunch the next day. They reported that they’d gotten engaged! It was the cherry on top of this sailing adventure cake – NISI Sailing’s first engagement. We’re elated for Beau and Mitchell and wish them a lifetime of adventures together!

So that was our exciting week out exploring the Cyclades. We look forward to taking this trip to Mykonos again with our next group of crew members in September. Until then, we’ll be sailing in the North Eastern Greek Islands – in the Saronic Gulf.

Are YOU Up For Adventure?

In October 2018, travelers will be joining us on this sail from Aegina to Mykonos during two different weeks. Of course that means that we’ll be sailing back from Mykonos to Aegina. As of now, there are still cabins available for some of these trips. If you think you’d like to join the crew, have a look HERE for dates, availability, and pricing. We’d love to have you on board.

As of now, there are also spaces available on our “Discover Hydra” sailing tours in July, August, and September.

Can you see yourself living board NISI in Greece for a week? Challenge yourself and forget that your “other” life exists if only for a while. Go to NISISailing.com to read more about our routes and adventures.




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