How to Clear a Crossed Anchor…Without Losing a Finger!

How to Clear a Crossed Anchor…Without Losing a Finger!

In the Mediterranean, where sailboats moor stern-to, anchors get crossed all the time.

In this video, fellow sailor and Aegean Sailing School instructor Jake, demonstrates how with a bit of preparation and some basic on Know-To, clearing an anchor does not need to be stressful.

If ever you find yourself leaving your mooring and having your anchor crossed with another boats anchor or chain, this is what we need to do:

  • First, keep calm and keep the boat stationary where it is. We don’t want to start going forwards and spinning around the anchor, making things worst. If windy, just use enough forward on the engine to stay put.
  • Have a rope with a small loop in one end, and boat hook ready. Pull your anchor as high as possible. If the chain is too tight your windlass might no be able to pull your anchor up, so as the other boat to drop chain to loosen it up.
  • Once your anchor and his chain/anchor are of the water, thread the rope in the middle of the chain and use the boat hook to catch the loop.
  • Attacht then both ends of the rope to a cleat as tight as possible, making sure to undo the loop at one end. Like this, we keep the others boat chain/anchor up, whilst we drop ur anchor free.
  • Once our anchor is free, we can bring it up all the way. All that’s is left is to release one side of our line to aloud the offending chain/anchor to drop back into the sea.
  • Before letting the others boat chain/anchor free, make sure that boats position is in the wright position, in front of the other boat and far enough. Otherwise you might cross his anchor with a neighbor boat!

This is what you do if someone crosses your anchor, and you have to clear their chain. Now you won’t have to lose a finger or a boat hook!



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