The best time to visit the Greek Islands depends on the kind of experience you enjoy most. Summer is best if you’re energized by the bustle of people, if you’re a sun-seeker, or if you’re limited to the time your kids have to vacation in the summer. Spring or Fall are best if you enjoy the peace and quiet of secluded anchorages, if you love temperate, sunny days, or if you’re seeking a great value.

In the Spring, coves and anchorages are not yet as crowded as they are during the high season. The islands tend to be calm and peaceful this time of year. The water is cooler than in the Summer.

The hot, sunny Summer months are perfect for swimming. The days are long and the nights are warm. The tavernas, attractions, coves and marinas are alive with tourists enjoying all that Greece has to offer.

In the Fall, the water is warm and the bustling tourist crowds die down. The weather tends to be sunny and temperate, and days start to get shorter. Greece is a quite enjoyable this time of year.