Showers And Toilets

Only “wee” goes into the toilet on the sail boat. Toilet paper goes into the waste bin under the sink.

You will have access to tavernas for additional “business” while we are at port or under anchor.

The toilet on board the boat requires you to pump it manually. We’ll give you a tutorial when you arrive.

All the toilets on land in the Greek Islands also require that you put your toilet paper into the waste bin. No paper or other items go into the toilets.



Your “head” or bathroom on the boat, is a wet room o shower. There is no separate shower stall. The sink faucet pulls out and becomes a handheld shower head. If you book one cabin, and there are guests in the other cabin, you will share a head with the other guests.

The skipper and crew have a separate shower in their head.

There is also a shower head on the back of the boat for washing off after being in the salty seawater.

At some ports, there will also be showers at a hotel or public bath house, which cost about 2 Euro.