How Do I Get To Aegina From Athens International Airport?

From the airport, you will go to the Port of Piraeus and take a ferry to Aegina. The taxi takes 40 minutes, and the ferry takes 1.5 hours.

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Taxi From The Airport To Piraeus

First, to get to the boat in Aegina from the airport, you will go to the Port of Piraeus (“Pa-re-YAS”). The taxi ride takes 40 minutes. We can arrange to send a taxi with a professional, English-speaking driver to pick you up. He will also help load and unload your bags and drop you at the correct ticket counter. The cost is 50 Euro plus tip.

For information about the train or bus, click HERE.

Ferry From Piraeus To Aegina

Next, take a ferry to Aegina. It takes 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the company that you choose. Ferries run frequently between the main port of Piraeus to Aegina at all times during the sailing season. Therefore, you can buy your ticket at one of the ticket counters when you arrive.

We recommend taking one of the ferries that costs 8 Euro and takes 1.5 hours. They make for a more comfortable trip because they have inside and outside seating, the inside is upholstered and air conditioned, and there are snack and coffee bars on board.

Flying Dolphins are a good option if you’re in a hurry. They cost 14 Euro and take 40 minutes. They’re smaller and have basic, indoor seating and air conditioning. However, they also smell of diesel.

When planning your travel itinerary, check the timetable for the last ferry of the day. Allow plenty of time for late flights or other delays at the airport. Arrive at the ferry port at least 30 minutes before the ferry departs to buy your ticket and board comfortably before departure.

Once In Aegina

Communicate with us throughout the day, so we know when to meet you at the ferry port in Aegina. We’ll be happy to help with your bags. If we do not find you right away, go to the nearest cafe (there are many), order a refreshment, and use their WiFi to message us. We’ll come to you, and then we’ll be off to get you settled aboard NISI!