Holy Friday Procession – Easter In The Greek Islands

Easter in Greece

Easter In The Greek Islands

Easter In The Greek Islands is a sacred occasion. Last night we were fortunate enough to take part in Aegina Town’s Greek Orthodox Easter Holy Friday procession. This event comes after Greek Orthodox observers participate in a long season of fasting and ceremonies meant to reenact and honor Jesus’s last days on Earth.

In Aegina Town tonight, a sea of people wound through the historic waterfront streets. It was beautiful and touching to see, and here we share it with you.

Each church creates one gorgeous funeral float adorned with flowers, like this one. The congregation re-enacts a funeral procession honoring Jesus’s death. Observers pour into the streets of Aegina Town in silence, each carrying a candle. It was humbling just to be present during this massive and meaningful event.

After the procession, we lingered in the town with crowds of Greek people. The atmosphere was jovial. We could see the great importance of community, family, and togetherness in this symbolic event. We sipped hot chocolate and bought our first tsoureki. Tsoureki is traditional Greek Easter bread that is braided. It often has a dyed red egg baked into the top.

The town was alive late into the night. Even so, we were finally able to get to sleep aboard sailing yacht, NISI in our mooring next to the main, busy street. The church bells woke us up early this morning for another day of Greek Easter ceremonies.

Next is the Saturday candle-lighting ceremony. It takes place just before midnight on Orthodox Greek Sunday. In this beautiful, celebration, the flame from one single candle is used to light another, then another, and so forth. The light spreads from candle to candle until the entire crowd is illuminated by a sea of light.

We’re looking forward to it and we hope you’ll join us in the next post.


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