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There are so many charter companies out there, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Many are large and “one size fits all,” but we like to communicate with you to find out all about you and your dreams for the trip.

The quality of most skippered charters depends very much on your skipper’s personality and experience as a sailor/coach. Bigger companies will select a skipper for you without you getting the chance to get to know them a little bit first. In our years of sailing and hearing stories from guests, we’ve learned that some skippers are not confident sailors, some are not so great with people or just aren’t professional in some way, and some can’t be bothered to put up the sails.

We are owner-operated, so you know who you’ll be sailing with, and your skipper will know all about your interests and hopes for the trip. Captain Alex is an experienced Yachtmaster Instructor with years of experience sailing with hundreds of guests of all ages, nationalities, and skill levels. He loves the sea, and he’s passionate about sharing his sailing knowledge with you. He’ll keep you and your crew safe and you’ll have a great time with him. You can get to know Captain Alex better by following NISI Sailing on Facebook and Instagram.

Sail with Captain Alex aboard NISI and you’ll see why so many guests return to Greece to sail with NISI Sailing.

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We tailor your private charter for your dream adventure. Tell us about yourself and your hopes for your trip.

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  • Do you have any concerns or fears about sailing in Greece that you’d like to discuss?

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