Clean The Sea With NISI

As sailors, we love our sea and all of its creatures, like these cute dolphins who came to play on a recent sail in the Saronic Gulf.

The very act of sailing under wind power is a wonderful, clean way to enjoy nature and visit the Greek Islands. Here are a few other ways we’re working to keep the Mediterranean clean.

Solar Panels

There’s so much sun in the islands that we’re able to draw lots of power from our solar panels. This year we installed two panels right into our bimini using a zipper system. This design retains the original, elegant profile of our Elan 394 and provides maximum exposure to the sun.

Our solar panels charge NISI’s domestic batteries, which power everything but the engine, including our lights, 12 volt phone charger plugs, and NISI’s two refrigerators. The panels are strong enough that we normally don’t need to plug into shore power when we’re out sailing in the islands. Now that’s clean!

Electric Outboard

We also decided to invest in a new electric outboard this year, and we’re so glad that we did. Not only is it clean power, but it’s much more quiet than our previous petrol-powered two stroke. Have a look at this video to see Captain Alex’s first impressions of it…and see for yourself just how quiet it is (forward to 2:57). It’s a good feeling to motor silently in and out of peaceful little coves.

The electric outboard is lightweight, it comes apart, and when we go ashore we can stow parts in our bag and carry them with us. We also don’t have to carry a can of petrol on board anymore. We love it.


Finally, we’ve joined a growing movement of travelers and sailors on social media using #2minutebeachclean, #2minutecleanup, and many similar hash tags. Here’s a video of Alex doing his own “2 minute clean up” on a beautiful beach where we like to picnic and exercise in Aegina.

We also avoid single-use plastics and plastic packaging as much as possible. We bring reusable bags to the grocery, and we recycle. Every bit of effort, big and small, makes a difference.

Share your own experiences, cleanups, and stories in the comments. We’d love to see your pictures and hear how you’re cleaning the sea wherever you live and visit.

Join Us

Are you thinking about sailing in the Greek Islands? Gather a group of friends and family members and come sailing with Captain Alex. He’s an experienced Yachtmaster Instructor, so all levels from beginner to advanced are welcome. You might even get a chance to sail with some friendly Greek dolphins!




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