Wondering where to sail in the Greek Islands? On your NISI Sailing Adventure, you and your crew will sail through the breathtaking Cyclades Islands to (or from) Mykonos or through the beautiful Saronic Gulf. Read more about these spectacular islands and ports. Then choose your route based on what’s best for your perfect vacation.

Where to sail in the Greek Islands? 

Saronic Gulf Tour

This serene Mediterranean gulf is sheltered by the Peloponnese Mountain Range. Hence, it’s an ideal place for a crew that is new to sailing. You will sail for several hours and also have plenty of time to swim, snorkel, and explore on land. Along the way, you’ll visit charming villages, eat traditional food and taste local wines. Depending on where the weather takes us, we may stop for a snorkel in shallow depths through a sunken ancient city or hike a volcano overlooking the sea.

One-way tour to or from Mykonos

Alternatively, you can sail through the Cyclades Islands. In this area, the sea gets bigger and the sails get longer. After more challenging sailing adventures, we’ll indulge in traditional Greek food and wine at several islands along the way, including Syros, where the streets are made of marble. Of course, our most noteworthy destination (or beginning destination, depending on which way your choose to travel) is the famous island of Mykonos. Here, you can visit historic windmills and enjoy sophisticated cuisine. You can also relax on one of Mykonos’s many  exquisite beaches.

In conclusion, click to read more about the islands, ports, and activities in each of these sailing routes and decide where to sail in the Greek Islands!

Watch the beautiful Greek Orthadox Holy Friday Easter procession in Aegina Island, Greece.