Access our information about sailing how to, safety and best practices. Here, we share a wealth of information about sailing so you feel comfortable and confident on your sailing adventure. Most of all, we want to help make sailing FUN for you! Our goal is to remove the anxiety and stress from situations like mooring and weather concerns.

Are These Tips Right For Me?

If you sail once or twice a year, you probably need to brush up before embarking on your adventure. Also, if you’re not a sailor, but you are up for having an adventure of a lifetime sailing through the Greek Islands, this is a great page for you. We create these posts, complete with videos and pictures to help you as a competent, safe sailor.

In conclusion, this is where you’ll find instruction as well as answers to our clients’ most frequently asked questions about sailing in general and about sailing our yacht, NISI. You’ll also find great pro tips here. Feel prepared when you arrive at NISI in Greece on your sailing adventure!

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How to Clear a Crossed Anchor…Without Losing a Finger! In the Mediterranean, where sailboats moor stern-to, anchors get crossed all the time. In this video, fellow sailor and Aegean Sailing