Brand New Train From Athens Airport To Ferry Port

Window view

Brand New Train Athens Airport Ferry Port. Traveling to a foreign country is always exciting, and getting around public transportation is part of the adventure. Our boat, NISI, is based in the lovely island of Aegina. It’s the closest island to Athens International Airport. But to get there, first we need to get from the airport to the port of Piraeus and catch our ferry.

Until this year, the options were simple. I could take the X96 bus for 6 Euro. It takes an hour and thirty minutes. Alternatively, I could take a taxi, which costs 55 Euro. It only takes 40 minutes, depending on the traffic.

X96 bus
The X96 Bus to Piraeus, departing just outside Arrivals.

I do enjoy taking the X96. It’s inexpensive, but sometimes overcrowded and slow. Taxis, on the other hand, are still the most convenient. Taxis are even economical if traveling with a party of three or four to share the cost. Luckily, starting this year, there is a third option to take you and your bags straight from the airport to your ferry…a train.

How To Navigate The Train From Athens Airport To Piraeus Port

Two days ago I flew from Barcelona to Athens on my first visit of the year to our boat NISI, which is in the boatyard. When I arrived at the airport, knowing the train service was working, I went to the Information Desk for directions: “Exit door 2, cross the street, and take the elevator to the first floor,” the lady, who spoke perfect English, said.

Escalators to the upper floor, and the sign for the train

I took the escalators instead, followed the train signals along the long corridor, and arrived in a square. On my left I could see the ticket window for ‘METRO,’ with its green logo. To the left of that were the stairs going down to the platform.

Ticket window
Ticket window for the train to Piraeus and its green METRO logo.

The ticket was 10 Euro one way, and the train was leaving in 10 minutes, as I was told by the lady at the window. Down at the platform, the signs for my train were in Greek (Piraeus is ΠΕΙΡΑΙAΣ in Greek), so I asked a man who seemed to work there, which was the train to Piraeus (pronounced ‘Pee-re-AS’ with the emphasis on the ‘AS.’) One hour later I was in Piraeus port, only 3 minutes walking from ‘Gate 8.’ That’s where my ferry was waiting for me.

Metro sign
Sign for Piraeus


Train seats
Comfortable seats


Gate 8
Gate 8, where the ferries to Aegina depart

The first train leaves the airport at 5:52 AM, and the last one at 10:50 PM. Here’s a link for the timetable.

All in all, I found the train to be a great option. It’s modern, clean, comfortable, and convenient. Now we’re ready to catch a ferry to Aegina!


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