Best Time To Go Swimming; Tip Toes Or Bomb Style?


Ready to jump into the clear, blue Mediterranean Sea?

Here we are, on the back of our boat, ready to enjoy the turquoise water, but… how cold is the water going to be? Shall I dip my toes in or just do a leap of faith and go head first?

jumping on water

The joy of bombing out!

When is the best time to go swimming?

When planning your summer holiday, swimming from the back of the boat may be on the top of your list of things to do. Knowing how cold or warm the water is going to be can be a factor to consider when booking your tickets.

Greece is a big country, with lots of islands and coast line, so sea temperatures differ depending how far North or South you are. A good starting point is to take the average water temperature based in the Athens Area (keeping in mind that Athens is inland) and apply it to the Aegean Sea.


Average water temperatures in the Aegean Sea

The swimming season

Although Greece is a great year-round destination, the ‘swimming season’ starts in late May and runs all the way to early October. Those are the months when the sea water is best for jumping off the back of our boat.

Our boat NISI has an swimming platform at the stern that makes getting in and out the water easy, including doing ‘the Bomb’ jump – if you dare. We also carry a paddle board to go and explore the shallow waters and coves that we visit.

Snorkeling is, of course, another fun activity to enjoy while sailing in Greece. It’s especially spectacular when we visit the ‘Sunken City’ of Epidavros, which is ancient ruins just a few feet under the water.


Snorkel the Aegean waters

The chill effect

Now that we have an idea about sea temperatures in Greece, its important to keep in mind how cold the air is going to be as well. That’s probably the number one factor that is going to determine whether you want to jump in or not.

June, July, and August are the hottest months in Greece, and the most inviting to go for a refreshing splash! September is also great, when the sea temperature is still good and the weather has not yet turned into Autumn.

at anchor

Swimming in an isolated anchorage

If you want to avoid the crowds

If you prefer to avoid busy anchorages and enjoy beautiful beaches with little or no people near, the best time to visit Greece is before or after the High Season.

April, May, September and October are great months to come sailing in Greece, when there are less people and the weather is great.

September is our favorite month for sailing and swimming. The water has been heated through the summer and it is still warm, the weather is still much like the summer and beaches and anchorages are less visited by other boats.

Ready to dive in?

If swimming, snorkeling, and paddle boarding in the beautiful Greek Mediterranean sound like a good fun to you, consider planning your holiday with NISI Sailing.

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