6 reasons why sailing will make you happier (and healthier).


Always wanted to be near the sea, enjoying the sunsets and listening to the sound of the waves? Being on the water has always been associated with wellbeing, and for a reason… or better, six. Here are 6 reasons why sailing will make you, and those around you, happier… and healthier.

1. Negative Ions

Breathing is what keeps us alive, the better the air, the better we fuel our bodies. Fresh air makes us feel more awake, active and alive. When sailing you are exposed to clean, fresh air, away from the polluted air of cities and cars. The sea air is richer in negative ions, which help the body absorb oxygen and make us feel better. They naturalize free radicals, revitalize metabolism and help to purify the blood.

2. Vitamin D

Sailing often means spending more time outdoors, getting the benefits of the sun and charging our bodies with essential vitamin D, which helps our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphorus, essential for our bones. Having said that, when sailing it is also important to protect our skin from too much sun, using protective hats, clothing and sun cream.

3. Sounds of Nature

A form of pollution is the sound pollution that we suffer living in cities or near industrial areas. Whilst sailing, we listen to the waves and sounds of water and the wind in our sails. Nature sounds are relaxing and give us a feeling of calm and wellbeing. How many Spas recreate those sounds with artificial fountains or recordings? Living near the water will get you the real thing.

4. Physical fitness

Being near water reduces stress. It makes us feel physically better and more relaxed and boosts our immune system, allowing us to live a healthier life. Sailing also keeps us active and exercised, with all the benefits that an active life provides.

5. The Blue Mind Effect

Being near the water sets our mind in a relaxed, happier state. Recent studies point out how our brains react when we are near the sea, rivers or lakes, making us feel better mentally. Wallace J. Nichols explores the scientific reason behind this in his book ‘The Blue Mind’.

6. Feeling of accomplishment

Learning the skills to sail a boat and being able to sail to your destination gives you a feeling of self confidence and accomplishment. Sailing is a constant learning, helping to keep your mind active.

Well, there you have it…

…6 good reasons why sailing not only will make you happier, but will keep you healthier. So why don’t you come sailing with us? Whether you are an experienced Skipper or a total novice, take the helm, learn new skills and enjoy the benefits of sailing.

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